1 World, 1 Nation

The Prevention of Civil Wars

We must make sure that civil wars are prevented. Any nation has the possibility of civil war. If correct steps are taken than these possibilities can be minimized. In forming any union, whether it be to people being married or huge nations coming to gether there is a large chance that there will be fights within the union.

The United States civil war is an excellent example of such a fight. The reason that the civil war occurred was because the southern states wanted to protect their way of life. The southern states attempted to leave their union with the United States. The Executive branch and the majority of the legislative branch in the United States refused to allow the southern states to leave.

It is my opinion that if the majority of a group wanted to leave such a union that they should be able to do so with the exception that those of the group who wanted to stay could easily and freely do so.

As far as fighting between nation-states over food and jealousies, it would not be allowed. I propose that all nation-states must agree to be peaceful. Only the global-nation will have the ability to create an army that is intended to defend the global-nation as a whole. Such an army may be needed and therefore should be created.

If one nation-state attacks another nation-state than the attacker will be given the ultimatum to stop the attack and work through peaceful negotiations. If the attacker does not respond it will be accepted that the attacker has renounced membership.

All non-members that attack member nation-states will be stopped by the global-nation armed forces. Such forces will ensure the safety of the nation-state that was attacked.

Living requires a give and take. If you don't like me for any reason you will not necessarily kill me because of the probable consequence of such action. If I was a nation-state and you were a nation-state we would have joined the global-nation with the acceptance of the each others membership. If we were enemies than this would probably not happen but if we were acquaintances our similarity due to membership would most likely lead us to friendship.

1 World, 1 Nation is dedicate to make a peaceful global-nation, not a warring one. It is our intention that our generation and future generations will be able to live in a world without war. For that reason it should be evident that in no way do we want, or will we accept such a poorly structured global nation.

1 World, 1 Nation does not in any way support the UN, NATO or any similar group. In the majority of our opinions, they were all after what 1 World, 1 Nation is after but took measures that we do not agree with. One of the reasons we do not support them is because of one of their past failings. The UN's predecessor, The League of Nations, allowed for Adolf Hitler to create his army.

If Germany had been a nation-state in the global-nation than he would have been stopped when he became a threat to other nation-states. We are all looking for peace, but some of us differ on how to get it. 1 World, 1 Nation may not be the best choice, but it is better than what we have got currently.

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Forest J. Handford
1 nation, 1 world campaign

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