1 World, 1 Nation

Our NON-Marxist Beliefs

All of the negative e-mails we have received have complained that we were in same manner trying to create a Marxist world. We are not trying to create a Marxist world at all. Many of our members and our president are actually Capitalists.

Our leader, Forest J. Handford is an objectivist. An objectivist follows the ideas set forth by Ayn Rand. Ayn Rand was an extreme Capitalist who is famous for her books about objectivism.

It is true that some of our members are Marxists but they are not the majority. Our majority is made up of Capitalists. We also have a few people who are center to these beliefs.

One of the most astonishing negative e-mails we received actually stated that we wanted to make people into senseless droids. Well frankly that is ridiculous. These people seem to think we want to make everybody the same. We want everybody to stay d ifferent. Forest has expressed that he imagines people as colors. All of these colors, or people can look nice apart but when they come together and keep their original beauty. They form a beautiful rainbow of ideas. These ideas help us to explore the world we live in and discover new horizons.

The main reason that 1 World, 1 Nation wants to create a global nation is for peace. If we join together their will still be internal fighting, but none of it will be as brutal as the international wars we have been having since the dawn of man. The global nation we will create will be without nuclear weapons and biological weapons. The only weapons that we will allow will be for law enforcement, hunting, and range shooting.

If in any way you could help, please contact us. We need translators for our pages. Also we are always in need of more writers, and lastly money. We need money to get our own domain. We also need money for future publications, as well as a commercial server. Please send all your comments and questions to me,the author, Forest J. Handford at East Coast Games.

Forest J. Handford
1 nation, 1 world campaign

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