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Miyamoto Yoshi (stats 4 School mage on HG) proud member of House of the Dragon.

Coventry Joan (level 35 super-gimp PK double loss UA on MT) proud member of clan Wartorn.

Yoshi's AC2 Purity Test.

Yoshi's Images and Bronze Statue Greivver Info

ACPL News Article Page 1.
ACPL News Article Page 2, I'm the one in the middle.

ACPL Notes

In the front row from left to right is some guy, Atrial (HG), Snow Angel (HG), and then me! (pic from Maggie's site)

OK, this is all from memory . . . I really didn't want to look like a reporter and write everything down.

The 1st 1/2 of the day was spent on AC1. We started by watching a really awesome video. It included the 3rd repurcussions teaser, and a video of the in game encounter with Asheron, Martine and Elyssa. Martine's ring spell and bolt/blast spell are awesome. It also included a high quility video showing a new island/castle/alcatraz like place that Martine created "from the blood of isparians". In it there is a new charachter that Martine has created. Although nobody asked . . . which now strikes me as odd . . . we assumed it would be a new quest and super villian that needs to be defeated.

Then all of the AC1 LIVE team was introduced. Ken Troop led a Q&A prefacing it by saying his wife was very pregnent and Ken Karl would be taking the mic if he got the call. The LIVE team only had about 8 people. What follows is the list of the questions I remember:

1) Q: A women said that she needed to ask a question for her patron's patron AKA her mom. The question was will there ever be an off-race weapon ie: her mom is a Gharu UA and would there ever be a Katar without a Sho race req or with a Gharu req.

A: Probably not . . . we will think about it.

2) Q: As a women I am concerned by how "wimpy" the female members of AC lore are . . . will that be changed? Could Elysa be made stronger?

A: Well, Elyssa is a warrior queen. We agree women have not played a big part and we have been thinking about it.
The audience then noted that the Olthoi queen and Aerefalle are women.

3) Q: There are not many people on the AC1 live team. If more people were added to the team wouldn't the game be better and therefore keep more people and gain new people? (Pit of HG)

A: Thowing money and people at a problem does not always help. You get diminishing returns with each person as they can get in each other's way. Also our main focus needs to be on AC2.

Ken Karl added we can't because MS sucks! Also if AC2 fails they will go out of business . . . not that they said that.

4) Q: Snow Angel of HG asked if more live events could be done as she . . . and many other people have never seen one.

A: We spent a lot of time on doing those events and did our best to hit as many varied times as possible. The AC1 team played the characters and they spent 4 weeks practising! We plan on having future events but obviously we can only have X number of people in a place at once.

5) Q: Can you upgrade your hardware to decrease lag?

A: Unfortunately hardware hits a ceiling in performance. Doubling the RAM for example would give less then a 20% improvement.

6) Q: Will you add houses until everybody that wants one has one?

A: Yes. If you asked a few months ago the answer would be an even stronger yes. Due to the problems we ran into with residential quarters we are moving cautiosly ahead. We are also running out of new places to put housing. We can add some more to existing settlements but that may hurt server perfomance.

7) Q: Will client side hardware requirments ever decrease?

A: No. With each patch we try to add more impresive things but do want to support the current player base's hardware.

8) Q: Merf of WE asked are there any plans on adding games like chess, checkers and solitaire for those of us who only log on for social reasons and don't "play" that often.

A: Not at this time.

Before this was answered the AC1 team started talking amonst each other and looked a bit squirmish. Some of the other attendees suspect they have actually thought about this before.

9) Q: Will the team please do a drudge dance.

A: the team eventually all got up and did a drudge dance. I think they did a moose dance too.

10) Q: Can more AC1 advertising be done?

A: No, all advertising is to be done for AC2.

11) Q: If AC1 worlds lose people due to AC2 will there be server merges.

A: We don't know how AC2's launch will effect AC1. It may make most people convert, it may be gradual, people may play both, AC2 might actually bring people to AC1. We want to keep the servers going as long as possible and that is why we have made so many changes recently.

Note: Server merges would not work due to housing!

12) Q: Hi, we are part of a monarchy with many cooks. Will potatos ever be added to AC1?

A: That has been a hot topic at Turbine that we have tossed around for awhile.

13) Q: What caused the Wi flag problem.

A: This will be explained in the letter to the players and is very complicated. Each character has an instance id. The instance id is a counter so the first char was 1. The second was 2, an so on. We hash those numbers (kind of like encryption). The hashed version of the numbers are not in the same numeric order as the original number. So player 1 could be anywhere in the list. Critters use distance, and character actions to determine which to attack. All that fall under the ame distance are put in a list. The closest are then chosen from based on their hashed instance id. This is why some players sometimes got attacked more often, some got attacked almost always and some never get attacked. This has been fixed.

14) Q: Will we be able to add majors and minors to items.

A: The magic tinkering changes are a long way off from now so we have not decided. But it is likely you will not be able to add or remove spells only change characteristics about them. Like reduce the mana they burn.

15) Q: Can I be made more l337? (asked by Ravlin and the crowd added that he was a thown weapons char).

A: That's on the list of things to do!

16) Q: It seems that archers have a tough time leveling around 45. I could go to aerlinthe but could never find anybody under 50 to fellow with. (This happened to me too so it's not just archers).

A: It took us awhile to decide where the fellow cut-off would be, Origanally it was going to be 45. We may change it in the future or allow a large grouping for under 50

At this point door prizes were given out. They included GF4s, ATI Radions, and ATI remote controls.

Lunch - decent food. Good potato salad.

AC2 Video.

AC2 Demo. (Note: we were asked not to take pictures and because I don't want to get kicked out of beta I won't give details.)

AC2 Q&A. Again I don't want to give details except to say I asked what Martine's role in AC2 would be and the answer was "undetermined". If you want to read the Q&A visit here . It has been up for awhile so I assume it won't get anybody kicked out of beta. I read through it and they did a good write-up.

Who's drudge is it anyway. I was on one of the teams so I missed some of the skits. My team was kicked out of beta. It included me, Snow Angel (HG), Jax (HG), Curmudgeon (HG), Atrial (HG), and Puichi from WE. The theme we were given was Dereth's home and gardens. We had Snow Angel play a realtor selling a Villa in the Dires. All of us but Jax were potential buyers. Jax played a Virindi that killed us off one by one (me first)! After he killed the realtor (Snow Angel) he asked for another realtor to sell his house. Jax won an ATI remote control for being an MVP in the contest.

In the yellow shirt is Snow Angel as a realtor. In green as a corpse being looted is Atrial. In red is Puichi doing the looting. In the background between Snow Angel and Puichi you can see me on the right-hand side playing a corpse. (pic from Maggie's site)

I did see the Cooking with BZ skit. In this skit BZ basically used his minions to make soup. He cast rain of potatos on one of them.

I also saw the future of Dereth council skit. It had BZ, the white rabbit, Martine, and Aerefalle. They made it into a self-help group session. One guy asked each of them how they felt about what they had done to Dereth. Martine was funny.

Then the last years champions (which included an elderly lady) did an interview in BSD about how everybody liked the spell changes. The interviewer acted like an infomercial guy. He first tried asking somebody that was lagging, then a standing corpse, then a virindi (played by the elderly lady). The virindi killed everybody. One guy, played by Ravlin, came back shirtless and she killed him again. He then came back shoeless and shirtless to be killed again. He also won as an MVP.

I did not see the performance of the winning skit.

They had a raffle benefiting Habitat for Humanities. They gave away a Signed Matty Hide robe, a Brown Feran Robe, a pyreal, 2 silver Olthoi, Signed AC2 concept art, a Signed Sigma poster, and a signed Dungeon Seige poster. I won nothing :(.

Then they got to the AC2 beta drawing. 10 AC2 accounts were to be given. Jason Booth said he would start calling out numbers but none of us had numbers on our AC2 drawing forms. He then said, well we will have to let you all in then. There was then a tremendous standing ovation. Jason said MS was only going to give 10 but at the last minute decided to give all attendees one.

The premium attendees (which included myself) were all given bags. These bags included a small stuffed tusker wearing an olthoi shirt, AC2 concept art, a Turbine pen, a Turbine clock, an ACPL shirt, and an Olthoi X-ing bumper sticker. The premium attendee bags were "nerfed" because non-premium attendees also got bags (but with less stuff).

I met a lot of great people. I'm sorry if you were there and I don't mention you . . . I have a horrible memory. I met Snow angel (HG) and Atriel (HG) both of whom are under Doda. I also met Bunyun (HG) from the frogs. I met Cao Young (HG), Jax (HG), Curmudgeon (HG), Puichi (WE), Merf (WE), Robert E Lee (FF). I met a few people from DT. I could not find anybody from MT! I met a few Elms.

Also, I asked Ken Karl if he was going to spend more time on the AC2 board. He said he has a lot of international trips coming up and events as well as personal time but he tries from time to time.

Sorry on the limited AC2 info . . . I don't want to get booted from beta. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Maggie's ACPL Stuff

Yoshi Images

RL Pics

A picture of Not Dar getting killed by a bunny. This was the second time he let the bunny kill him, but it only leveled the first time so I didn't get the shot. I let the bunnies kill me once and eventhough I was level 30 they did not level. I probably should have just had one kill me because they probably shared the XP. /e wonders if bunnies fellow.

The following are some pictures of the Bronze statues of Grievvers that plague fort Teth every 85 minutes. The spawn seems to be 85 minutes. They are very nasty and can kill me buffed with VIIs and item buffed with Vs in about 2 - 3 hits. They resisted all of my spells. However melees have done well (attack wise against them). To escape from them you have to go into a building. They cannot attack you in a building they only use spells to debuff. The spells are all VIs and they occasionally cast a dispell. I don't think I resisted any of their spells. If you are a mage and can't hit them, heal the people that can. Each Greivver (I think there are 5) has three super heavey bronze items. Each can be turned into the new arcanum researchers (there is one in the Craigstone Library) for 500,000 XP. So for one kill you get a total of 1.5 million XP!! Each item is a quest item and is on a timer to only be picked once in a day. Oh, and they make great gifts . . . to me. Pictures 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.