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Of Earth

By Forest J. Handford



To: First Emperor Riax

United Planetary Coalition Alpha Office

589374.226N 8834259.09E

Mercutio-8, Mercutio


RE: Priority 1 - Investigation 968




I apologize for taking such a long time to reply.I offer no excuse for my tardiness, as it is inexcusable.


My team of doctors has concluded the woman is genetically, physically, and mentally normal.The doctors did, however, note that her lack of interest in the situation is odd.She may be in shock or denial, but she should show more interest in this abnormality.There is no medical reason for the nanobots to have created such an unusual set of tattoos.


My team of scientists has concluded that the hardware and software of the nanobots was in-tact. Not one of the recovered nanobots was damaged.The scientists suggest the nanobots were administered incorrectly but the committee vehemently objects to the allegation.


The administering technician has been working for his committee for the last decade. Throughout that time he has been given several living increases and positive reviews.His office has assured me that no patient had ever made a complaint, beyond the usual generic complaints.All of the committees who preformed the procedure that day verified that no other unusual tattoos had been created.


My resident historian, Altaire Mentz, has confirmed that this is a completely unique situation. When the rituals began they were well documented.The first billion citizens tattooed were all vidscanned.We went through the vidscans and could not find anybody whose tattoo was unusual even to today's standard.Mentz has also informed me that even in the generations after the tattoos became compulsory there have not been such unusual markings.


The rioters are correct; the stars on the woman can be used to identify a star system.The star system is located closer to the center of the galaxy.It would take almost 100 years at top speed to reach the system.


Some of my scientists feel a bug caused the issue.Some, however, feel it is a virus that has somehow been introduced into the nanobots. The logs show no indication that code changes occurred in the nanobots, but it's possible the virus cleared all records of itself.Perhaps the woman is a test subject for the virus and the authors will try to proliferate it en masse.It is also possible that the woman is responsible.Perhaps the woman somehow had the nanobotsí code replaced for the procedure.The psychological evidence the doctors found seems to support this theory.


Mentz was able to locate ancient drawings that matched the continental patterns on the woman's body. These drawings were from religious writings of the fabled planet Earth.Perhaps whoever caused this is trying to cause a revival of the old religion!


It is my strong recommendation that we continue the tattooing.Anybody who refuses because of this incident should be forced.Our society cannot withstand us wavering now. Finally, I suggest you take strong measures to end the riots.


Your humble servant and advisor,

Lorca Mentai

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Copyright 2004 © Forest J. Handford