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Space Orphans

by Forest J. Handford

In the year 2029 Seung Shikun is sick of his engineering job for SpaceHotel. With all the extra hours he puts in for little to no recognition he is more than a little eager to quit when he sees the following:

Orphans Preferred

Excelsior Mining Corporation is seeking professionals with experience in all areas of the aero-space industry to help build and maintain a colony on Mars. Please note: this is an on-site job. Only applicants willing to live on Mars should send their resumes. Also, we cannot guarantee consistent communication with Earth and therefore prefer applicants with few attachments. We are willing, however, to consider spousal relocations (to Mars) for some key positions. We will also accept couples if both members can fill positions. We are not allowing any children at this time but expect that will change after we become established on the planet. If you have experience as an engineer, pilot, manager, or doctor, please send a copy of your resume to Careers@ ExcelsiorMining.com.

A science fiction novel is currently under development by Forest J. Handford. The book is currently titled Space Orphans. Space Orphans takes place in the same 'universe' as Time-Keepers. That means that everything that happened in Time-Keepers effected the lives of the characters in Space Orphans. While the characters of Time-Keepers will not appear in Space Orphans, they will interact with the characters from Space Orphans in a future novel.

Copyediting has begun as has work on the fourth draft. As I am unsure when copyediting will complete I cannot give an estimate on when the fourth draft will be completed. The third draft was completed on 5/10/05. The second draft was completed on 3/5/05. The first draft was completed on 1/17/05 with 78,321 words. The first draft was 75,000 words as of 1/6/05. The first half of the original draft (50,000 words) was completed on 11/4/04. The first quarter or 25,000 words in the original draft of Space Orphans was finished on 9/6/04.

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