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Marketing Plan for Time-Keepers

by Forest J. Handford


Time-Keepers is a science fiction novel about the near future (2015 - 2018). The locations that the story is set in include New England, California, Switzerland, and China. Time travel is an important part of the novel. I believe the readership demographics will be most similar to Orson Scott Card's novel Ender's Game. While Time-Keepers is a science fiction novel, it has three chapters that take place in a futuristic arcade. For this reason I believe computer gamers, live action role-players, and tabletop role-players will be a large portion of the readership.

Potential Markets

Barnes and Noble, Borders, and Amazon.com will probably be where the majority of sales will come from. Any traditional and online bookstores that cater to science fiction will have a potential market for Time-Keepers. Gaming stores that sell fiction from White-Wolf as well as Wizards of the Coast are also a potential marketplace for Time-Keepers.


Advertising in science fiction magazines like Analog, Asimovís, and the Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction will reach Time-Keepersí intended audience. Gaming magazines like Electronic Gamer Monthly, Computer Gaming Monthly and Dragon will also reach Time-Keepersí intended audience.

Web Marketing

Forest was an editor and writer for IGN. He will contact his readership with information on how to purchase the book. Advertising on the IGN Vault website should be investigated. Two complimentary books should be sent to the authors of Penny Arcade, an online gaming comic. Advertising on their website is strongly recommended as they have the highest gaming readership and a surprisingly low cost of advertising.


The author will be available for signings as well as readings at book stores and libraries. The author will also be available to run dealer tables at some science fiction and gaming conventions, like Boskone, Dragoncon, and GENCON. Finally, the author will create a writing presentation for high school students. The presentation will introduce students to the process of creating a book. The presentation is intended to be useful to English and literature curriculums.

Affinity Marketing

Forest intends to market the book through his website East Coast Games. East Coast Games has existed since 1998. It has a regular readership and a mailing list with over 500 subscribers. The author estimates that at least 30% of the subscribers will purchase the book. The author works full-time at a computer software company. The company employs over 2,000 people. The book will be mentioned on the corporate intranet. Forest is the chief editor for The End Times, a newsletter for the North East United States membership of The Camarilla. The author will send a message to the North East membership with instructions on how to purchase the book once it is published. He will also bring copies to games he attends to provide word of mouth advertising.

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