To get a game programming job you are going to want to gear your resume to game programming companies.  In your resume you should list your most recent two or three jobs.  If you have had technology jobs, stress them more than say McDonalds.  In such jobs mention the most impressive things you've done.  Write your beginning and end dates at the jobs.  DO NOT mention how much you made UNLESS you made almost as much as you want at the job your applying for.  If you say you made 20K at your last/current job they will try to pay you as close to that amount as possible.  If they do ask what you made tell them the truth.  A lie will kill your chances for a job.  If they ask for your resume point out any other income you had for the year.  In the below resume you'll see that I won't mention a salary because I don't like how much I'm being paid.  If I ever get asked for specifics I will answer honestly but mention the fact that I run this for profit web site.  It doesn't matter that I haven't made money because it is earning potential.

At the top of your resume you should have a paragraph telling what you want out of your next job.  This is where to mention positions and location.  Avoid mentioning what you want to get paid.  Ask them what they would pay you and then negotiate from there.  Try not to have your expectations unrealistically high but you should expect at least a %5 higher pay.  If your unhappy in your current job and don't mind a similar pay for a better environment then pay is not very important.

In your resume mention your most impressive game making skills.  Again, don't lie.  If you lie about your skills it is only you that will pay in the end.

Now look at my resume:

Forest J. Handford's resume - last updated 12/30/98
I am looking for a job in game programming, development, and design.  My experience includes Direct Draw, Direct Sound, MFC as well as some x8086 Assembly.  I have been programming games for years.  My interest in game programming has driven me to create a learning environment for all game programmers at .  At the web site all the programs for C++ chapters 1-5, the Windows introduction chapter, and the first two DirectX chapters were written by me.  The corresponding programs were programed by me.  You can download any of them for samples of my work

Although I am not willing to move out of the United States, my wife and I are both willing to move a great distance for the right job.  I currently live in Massachusetts.  I am not willing to fund long trips for interviewing purposes.

I am mostly self taught, which is a trait from my eagle scout background.  I went to Rhode Island College and took their most difficult programming courses.  MEDITECH hired me in June 1998.  Since working for MEDITECH I have not followed up on a formal education but have instead focused on learning from books oriented to game programming.  I have taught myself Direct Draw, Direct Sound, C++ and HTML.

Languages I consider myself an expert:

Languages I consider my-self good at:
DirectX, x8086, JAVA, perl, javascript, Diku Mud

Languages that I am familiar with:
IBM PC/370 assembler, BASIC, PASCAL, BAT

Software I am proficient at:
MSVC++, Adobe Photoshop, Windows 95/3.x, DOS, Linux, Macintosh, VMS, MS Office


  1. Owner, founder and director of East Coast Games where I am the web master, a writer, an editor, a designer, an artist and a programmer.  My work is available to see and download at

  2. Dates:
    1998 to present
  3. MEDITECH Applications Programmer where I help implement and service several hospitals with general financial modules.

  4. Dates:
    June 1998 to present
  5. Web programmer for Rhode Island College where I was responsible for creating and maintaining web material for

  6. Dates:
    September 1996 - June 1998
Business Experience:
  1. Founder, Owner and Chief Operator of East Coast Games
  2. Co-founder and 50% owner of Update Enterprises Inc. as well as current President.
  3. Co-founder and 1/3 owner of AudioData Solutions.
  4. Founder and first President of The Revived Theater Inc.
Communications Experience:
  1. Alternative and top 40 DJ for 90.7 WXIN Providence.
  2. Talk show host for 90.7 WXIN Providence.
  3. Awarded 1st place for production work on a concert video by RIMEA
Scouting Experience:
  1. Eagle scout with two palms
  2. Vigil Honor member of the Order of the Arrow
Theater Experience:
  1. Lead male role in "In the Garden of the Witch."
  2. The role of Buddy Layman in "The Diviners."
  3. The role of an enchanted prince in "The Twelve Dancing Princesses."
  1. Rhode Island College
  2. 1996 Coventry High School graduate
Contact Information:
  1. (508)634-6747

You may want to make your resume slightly smaller than me.  Either way you want the reader to be able to scan through to what ever the reader is interested in.  Keep the contact information at the bottom so that you can easily remove it for people who you give applications to.

Good Luck