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by Forest J. Handford

Traveling into the future is easy.  To a small extent anybody who has ever flown has traveled forward in time (faster then the rest of the world travels through time).   Traveling backwards through time however was impossible until the invention of the time machine. 

Jared Miller and his friend Aaron Hunt have been trying to discover what would happen if the past could be changed to create a better future.  For example, what would happen if Hitler was killed as a child?  In Hitler's youth it certainly would be easy to get to him.  Unfortunately, Jared and Aaron discover it is impossible to change a past you have been changed or created by.  Because Jared and Aaron would not have been born without Hitler they cannot kill Hitler.

To circumvent this problem they create a secret underground colony in Switzerland.  The colony allows them to no longer be effected by events and people of the future that they would want to stop.  As the colonists (or Time-Keepers) quickly discover it's still not that easy to change the past. 

A science fiction novel is currently under development by Forest J. Handford. The book is currently titled Time-Keepers but it may need to be changed later. The copyediting was completed in the fourth draft on August 10th 2004. The third draft was completed May 18th 2004. The second draft was completed April 9th 2004. The first draft was completed as of February 16th 2004. The next draft will include all revisions from copyediting.

The book is currently 595 pages and 163,491 words long. It's generally too costly to publish books greater than 100,000 words. For this reason I am breaking the book into two books. The first book is about 87,000 words long and the second book is 78,000 words. If they do get published separately it will probably be as 'Time-Keepers - The Colony (Volume 1)' and 'Time-Keepers - First Mission (Volume 2)'.

The book is in need of a publisher. Anybody interested in publishing the book, preferably in a print format, should contact Forest directly. More details will follow as the book gets closer to completion.

The book is currently being shown to publishers. The Marketing Plan is available here.

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